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SuperEar® Personal Sound Amplifier

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Increase your hearing range by a factor of at least 10x with…


Personal Sound Amplifier

Only $69.95*

*But here is the “even better deal”: Buy tow SuperEar® for $139.90 and we’ll send you a third one, with our compliments—absolutely FREE! (*Note: you must order or add three to your shopping cart. The third one will automatically be FREE in your total).

SuperEar® is a state-of –the-art sound amplifier. It is almost unbelievable until you try it yourself. Clip it to your pocket, belt, or binoculars, and realize to your amazement that you can hear people talking up to 50 feet way; a pin drop 10 feet away, and every little sound in your surroundings. SuperEar® is not a medical hearing aid; it does for hearing what binoculars do for seeing. It brings everything 10-times closer. A walk through the woods will reveal things that you never would have known about otherwise. SuperEar® comes with a swiveling microphone with a foam windscreen; including 1 AAA alkaline battery, of course!

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