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Rodell-7 Sensomatic™ UV Index Indicator Watch

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The absolutely most marvelous watch in the world . . .

  • The Sensomatic™ Watch is like having a mini-laboratory right on your wrist. Its features include UV Indicator, Thermometer, Chronograph, Tide Indicator, Dual Time Mode, and more!

Rodell-7 Sensomatic™  UV Index Indicator Watch

  • Time continuously in digital mode
  • Day of the week
  • Date
  • Temperature
  • UV Index Indicator
  • Chronograph Mode
  • Dual Time
  • Daily alarm and to hourly chime
  • Face of the watch glows in the dark
  • Back light
  • Water-Resistant to 5atms
  • Sturdy composition band

Our regular price: $69.95 Our crazy Sale price , just $49.95*

Yes, that's right: "marvelous" is exactly the right word. There simply has never been anything remotely like it. This astonishing timepiece does all of the 'mundane' things, of course: It shows time continuously in digital mode and also the day of the week and the date. But there is much more: The Sensomatic™ has a UV Index Indicator. You will know at all times whether it is advisable to put on sunscreen and, if so, what strength.

A click of a button shows you the temperature. There's also a tide indicator (which we admit, won't do you much good in Omaha). Then there is the chronograph mode - 8 laps or 30 laps or simply counting by 1/100's of a second.

You can set theSensomatic™ to dual time, so you'll always know what time it is at home, wherever in the world you may be traveling. Did we say that the Sensomatic™ can be set to daily alarm and to hourly chime? And, oh yes, even though the face of the watch glows in the dark, there is a back light if you ever need it.

Water-resistant? Of course, all the way down to 5atms! The Sensomatic™ comes with an elegant yet sturdy composition band that fits snugly on every wrist. Order yours now!

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