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Projection Clock

$ 49.95

Tell time in pitch dark with PROJECTION CLOCK

The PROJECTION CLOCK allows you to tell time in pitch dark without having to turn On the lights. Simply press on the light button directly above the clock, and the time is displayed in bright orange on your wall or ceiling; via it's adjustable swivel arm and back-lit display simultaneously. The swivel arm also features an adjustable focus wheel for better clarity . Time is displayed in inch high digits for easy viewing. The PROJECTION CLOCK also displays the time, date, month, and temperature. It features a perpetual calendar up to 2050; and a birthday reminder alarm. Its sleek styling  and size (5.35" x 2.20" x 3.65") allows you to place it anywhere. It takes 2 AA batteries, which are included. There is a melodious alarm with a snooze function to get those extra Zzz's. But here is the better deal: order 3 PROJECTION CLOCK(S) for the price of just two $99.90. You deserve better, order your PROJECTION CLOCK(s) today.

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