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$ 59.95


The only universal optical instrument

Panscope™ (the complete optical system)

Just $59.95*

*But consider our "better deal": Any three items for the price of two! The least expensive of the three is yours FREE -- with our compliments!

  • only 2" long.
  • 3x telescope.
  • 3x telescope-loupe.
  • 30x microscope of laboratory quality.
  • Pocket Microscope
  • Magnifiers and loupes at 5x, 10x, and 15x enlargement.
  • Beautifully gift-boxed.
  • comes with its neatly fitted leather case.
  • Plastic tripod.
This is a little optical marvel. Panscope™ (only 2" long) contains a complete optical system in its tiny body. You may use it as a 3x telescope or as a unique 3x telescope-loupe. In its magnifying mode, it delivers magnifiers and loupes at 5x, 10x, and 15x enlargement. And to top it all, it also functions as a 30x microscope of laboratory quality.

This marvelous little instrument, developed in Wetzlar (Germany), home of famous Leica cameras, is the product of one of Asia's finest makers. Its coated optics are of superb quality, delivering the image with brilliant luminosity, in needle-sharp focus, with absolute clarity and with full chromatic correction.

Panscope™ is the indispensable first choice of scientists and professionals and of just about everybody who wants and needs to see the infinite detail in life that is not readily available to the unaided eye.

You will be amazed and delighted with this wonderful optical instrument. Do yourself a real favor and order Panscope™ today!
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