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Palito™ LED Rechargeable Radio Flashlight

$ 19.95

The one emergency "tool" you'll never want to be without...

Palito™ LED Radio Flashlight Palito™ LED Rechargeable Radio Flashlight

Just $19.95

  • Can be recharged a minimum of 200 times.
  • Will shine continuously for 20 hours.
  • FM radio.
  • LED bulbs.
Chances are that you have half a dozen or more flashlights around the house - but none of them are any good if it comes to any kind of crunch. If they are not used, the batteries will corrode and will ruin the flashlight. If used, the batteries will be exhausted after only a few hours - and then you'll sit in the dark, unable perhaps to get more batteries in case of any emergency. That can now be a thing of the past with the Palito™ LED Rechargeable Radio Flashlight. Its three LED "bulbs" throw a laser-bright beam and have capacity to last at least 20 hours before having to be recharged. If exhausted, simply plug the flashlight into your household socket and restore full power in just a few hours. And here is the "kicker:" A special FM radio is built into the flashlight. It will entertain you while you work and will be a lifesaver, keeping you up-to-date informed in any emergency.

We are the exclusive importers of this invaluable household and emergency tool and are able to bring it to you at the most attractive price of just $19.95.  Don't be left in the dark. Assure the comfort and safety of yourself and of your family with this incomparable tool. Order your Palito LED Rechargeable Radio Flashlight(s) now.
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