jomira Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

jomira Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

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Rid your home of rodents once and for all with…

Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repeller
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There can be little doubt that mice and rats are the most disgusting of all animals. They are the carriers of the most dangerous diseases. Their disgusting fur swarms with the most unpleasant insects, which are also carriers of many fatal diseases. But that isn’t all. Mice and rats endanger your home.

They nibble and destroy electrical insulation and wiring and cause short circuits and in some case even fires. They make disgusting noises, which keep you from enjoying the peace and quite of your home. Until now, the only way of ridding yourself of these disgusting and dangerous pests was poisons and traps. But both are great hazards to people, especially small children and also pets, and involve your handling disposing the disgusting carcasses of these animals. All of this is now a matter of the past with Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repeller.

This small electronic miracle works on an entirely different principle. It generates ultrasound continuously varying between the frequencies from 35 to 72kHz. Ultra-Sonic is totally inaudible to humans and non-rodent pests. But to those rodents it sounds like a battery of jackhammers continuously working. As soon as possible they will flee their habitat (your home) into the wilds where they belong.

No rates or mice? Lucky you! With Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repeller on guard they will never invade your home.

Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repeller is a clean, humane and effective method. You rid yourself of these disgusting pests in no time at all.

Each generator covers and protects approximately 800 sq. Ft. You may consider purchasing 3 of these instruments (3 for the price of 2) and protect a larger area of up to approximately 2,400 sq. Ft. It’s the best and the least expensive investment that you can make in your home.

Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repeller is a humane and effective method to banish rodents from your home. Order yours Today!

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