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The COMMANDER™: Without doubt, the most advanced chronograph watch ever!

The COMMANDER™ is the most advanced example of an analog and digital technology. in its normal mode it shows the time in conventional manner. The analog movement is made by Seiko, which is universally recognized as the maker of the finest watch movements in the world. It won't be off by more than 3 seconds per month.

It's in its sophisticated digital movement where the COMMANDER™ really shines. First, there is the digital readout of hours, minutes; also months, dates and days of the week. You can select and switch to 12 hrs. or 24 hrs. format. A daily alarm and an hourly chime are available. There is also a snooze function for those who need an extra 10 minutes. For sports enthusiasts, there is a 1/100 sec. chrono-graph stopwatch with split function. To top it off, you can light up the entire dial at the push of a button. With the COMMANDER™ you can read the time in pitchest dark.

Like to Dive?
The COMMANDER™ is guaranteed water resistant to 100 ft(3 atm) You don't really want to go that deep, do you?

An Exceptional Offer
You may have seen similar watches advertised. Most of them have limited function. Some claim they have been reduced from $395 or some such price. That is nonsense, of course, and we don't expect you to fall for such claims. The COMMANDER™ is made to sell for $99.But because of our very large purchases, we are able to bring it to you for just $59.40. Bu wait, it get even better. With our trademark 3-for-the-price-of 2 deal, we can let you have it for only $39.60 per watch. It's hard to believe-isn't it? Order yours today!

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