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Admiral Farragut Telescope ™ (with table tripod)

$ 69.95


The spy glass that made naval history...

Admiral Farragut Telescope ™ (with table tripod)

Our low price, just $69.95* 

Admiral Farragut Telescope


  • 5" long collapsed.
  • 13" fully extended.
  • 25x magnification.
  • 30mm objective lens.
  • Blet loop vinyl carrying case.
  • Table top tripod.
  • 30-day money-back 

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When Admiral Farragut ("Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!") fought his legendary naval battles, he used a telescope just like this to monitor the movements of the enemies' fleets.

This beautiful optical instrument, a faithful replica of the famous original (except that Admiral Farragut's was made of brass - ours is fully chromed over its pure brass body), is about 5" long in its collapsed position and 13" when extended to full operating length.

Enlargement is 25x, which means that it brings everything 25-times closer, and in needle-sharp focus, than if viewed with the unaided eye. Compare that to binoculars, which usually give you not more than 6x or perhaps 8x magnification. Admiral Farragut's Telescope™ comes with a belt-loop vinyl carrying case. There is also a table-top tripod for extended observations. This beautiful instrument is something you always wanted but thought you couldn't afford. It is a small luxury that you will really enjoy and that will give you wonderful service for many years. It is now available from us at a most affordable price.

You will be amazed and delighted with this wonderful instrument. You deserve to treat yourself a little, you deserve to get a better look at the world. Order Admiral Farragut's Telescope™ today!

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